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Wyeths On Exhibit

July 2024
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An American Heritage Portfolio

On the next page begins an extensive portfolio selected from the works of N. C. Wyeth, together with a sampling of pictures by various members of the talented family he founded. For help in collecting and preparing the portfolio we are indebted to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Wyeth, to Mr. and Mrs. John W. McCoy II, to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hurd and others in the family. Our special thanks go to Dr. S. K. Stevens, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and a member of our Board of Advisors. Dr. Stevens and his colleagues have been arranging an impressive N. C. Wyeth exhibition, to run from October 13 through November 28, as the opening show in the Commission’s brand-new William Penn Memorial Museum in Harrisburg. Approximately 125 examples of Wyeth’s work will be on display: original illustrations for magazines and children’s classics, as well as easel paintings never before shown. There will also be some thirty pictures by his son Andrew and his daughters Carolyn and Henriette.

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