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Stories Published in this Year

My grandparents were murdered during the Osage Reign of Terror. It took my family generations to recover.

The black naturalist, astronomer, surveyor, and almanac-writer Benjamin Banneker took issue with Thomas Jefferson’s attitude toward “those of my complexion.”

The Man Who Blew Himself Up | Fall 2023 (Volume: 68, Issue: 7)

“I will leave this house only if I am dead,” the prominent New York doctor told his ex-wife, who was seeking half the value of their Manhattan townhouse in a divorce.

As a young man, Theodore Roosevelt struggled through a brutal winter on a cattle ranch in the Dakota Territory. The adventure launched a love affair with the western U.S.

What Was a Woman Doing There? | Fall 2023 (Volume: 68, Issue: 7)

After her death, Dickey Chapelle’s editor at National Geographic paid tribute to the gutsy war correspondent he knew.

When the Pentagon wanted a photographer to record the largest airborne assault in the Vietnam War, the most qualified candidate was a young French woman.

These extraordinary women changed the history of photojournalism.

Kate Mullany's former home in Troy, New York honors one of the earliest women's labor unions that sought fair pay and safe working conditions.

The president worried that his grandson had “an unconquerable indolence of temper, and a dereliction, in fact, to all study.”

Dickey Chapelle in the Fight | Fall 2023 (Volume: 68, Issue: 7)

The award-winning photojournalist broke gender barriers and was the first American female reporter killed in combat in Vietnam.

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