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Stories Published in this Year

25 Years Ago | Summer 2012 (Volume: 62, Issue: 2)

Andrew Wyeth Reflects on His Father, the Artist N. C. Wyeth

50 Years Ago | Summer 2012 (Volume: 62, Issue: 2)

Historian S. L. A. Marshall Tells How He and “Papa” Hemingway Liberated Paris

First Medical Report on Lincoln's Assassination Uncovered

Turned on by History | Summer 2012 (Volume: 62, Issue: 2)

More than 2,000 students from around the country competed in the 32nd annual celebration of history, held this year at the University of Maryland.

Tall ships and U.S. Navy vessels sailed into Baltimore Harbor past Fort McHenry to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812

Digging Up James Smithson | Summer 2012 (Volume: 62, Issue: 2)

Alexander Graham Bell traveled to Italy at the turn of the 20th century on an audacious mission to rescue the remains of the man whose legacy endowed the Smithsonian Institution.

High Stakes at Antietam | Summer 2012 (Volume: 62, Issue: 2)

A largely accidental battle, pitting Robert E. Lee against George B. McClellan, became the single deadliest day in America's history and changed the course of the Civil War.

In Florida during the 1830s a young Indian warrior led a bold and bloody campaign against the government's plan to relocate his people west of the Mississippi River

Amelia Found? | Summer 2012 (Volume: 62, Issue: 2)

Seventy-five years ago the "first lady of the air" vanished over the Pacific Ocean attempting to circumnavigate the globe. Today there may be renewed hope of solving the mystery.

Growing Up Colored | Summer 2012 (Volume: 62, Issue: 2)

The noted writer and educator tells of his boyhood in the West Virginia town of Piedmont, where African Americans were second-class citizens but family pride ran deep.

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