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Stories Published in this Year

J.R. Clifford fought his real battles in the courtroom

By the end of the Civil War, nearly 200,000 African-Americans had fought for the Union cause and freedom

The Emancipation Proclamation opened the door for Pennsylvania's African-American soldiers

Hoover Dam Turns 75 | Summer 2010 (Volume: 60, Issue: 2)

A new bridge spans the Colorado near the dam that came to symbolize America’s great promise—and changed the American West forever

The highly lucrative cotton crop of 1860 emboldened the South to challenge the economic powerhouse of the North

Winning Gold At Last | Summer 2010 (Volume: 60, Issue: 2)

After 65 years, the nation’s first female military pilots receive their due

The Portable Past | Spring 2010 (Volume: 60, Issue: 1)

Hist-ineers, terra-tives and mobi-sodes: Get ready for the brave new world of history on the really small screen.

Twain’s Game | Spring 2010 (Volume: 60, Issue: 1)

The great American wit, who died 100 years ago, patented a history board game

Sit-in At The Woolworth’s | Spring 2010 (Volume: 60, Issue: 1)

A new Greensboro museum celebrates the courage of four young black men 50 years ago

Editor’s Letter | Spring 2010 (Volume: 60, Issue: 1)

The Wild West and Remembering Robert H. Smith

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