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Stories Published in this Year

Christmas Visitor | November/December 2005 (Volume: 56, Issue: 6)

Bringing light in a dark season

1930 75 Years Ago | November/December 2005 (Volume: 56, Issue: 6)

Lewis Wins the Nobel

A spectacular and painstaking PBS series brings the war to the screen

The most ambitious exhibit ever on the war has just opened

That Was The Day | November/December 2005 (Volume: 56, Issue: 6)

My dance with a future legend

The Power Of 2857 | November/December 2005 (Volume: 56, Issue: 6)

Fifty years ago this December, Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus she was riding. Because she wouldn’t, the whole country has changed. But what happened to the bus?

The Montgomery Bus Boycott and its legacy

It has taken us two and a half centuries to realize just how important this conflict was

An ambitious young magazine editor and a tormented photographer together discovered a Marilyn Monroe nobody knew

The Tools | November/December 2005 (Volume: 56, Issue: 6)

Against this enemy, courage alone is not enough. From the beginning, firefighters have had to find ways to climb higher, shoot water farther, spot fires sooner. Here are some of the milestones in the history of fire-extinction technology.

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