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Stories Published in this Year

1949 Fifty Years Ago | December 1999 (Volume: 50, Issue: 8)

The Red Scare

1899 One Hundred Years Ago | December 1999 (Volume: 50, Issue: 8)

When Does a Century Start?

1799 Two Hundred Years Ago | December 1999 (Volume: 50, Issue: 8)

The Death of Washington

The Image Of The Century | December 1999 (Volume: 50, Issue: 8)

It’s one in a billion

Why were twenty wounded American soldiers released on Thanksgiving in 1950, days before the Chinese attacked in Korea?

When the Japanese government vehicle came to a stop, I saw an elderly and frail-looking man in the back seat. It was Emperor Hirohito.

Rebellion in New Hampshire

“Our Big Time” | November 1999 (Volume: 50, Issue: 7)

THE FILMMAKER, who has just finished a documentary on Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, believes what the two women achieved was nothing less than the largest social transformation in American history

Capsule History | November 1999 (Volume: 50, Issue: 7)

Americans have been launching time capsules into the future for over a century now, and today we’re creating more than ever. Why is it that so few reach their destination? And that so many merely bore their recipients?

One of America’s greatest documentary filmmakers takes on America’s greatest city: Ric Burns discusses his new PBS series, New York

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