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Stories Published in this Year

1948 Fifty Years Ago | December 1998 (Volume: 49, Issue: 8)

The Geeks Have a Word for It

1973 Twenty-five Years Ago | December 1998 (Volume: 49, Issue: 8)

A Ford in Your Future

Dateline: Dayton | December 1998 (Volume: 49, Issue: 8)

A young news photographer launched his career in the right place at the right time

Twelve classic holiday movies worth seeing when you can’t sit through It’s a Wonderful Life one more time

Half a century after his father’s death, he struck up an extraordinary friendship with a man who had been there

Real Work In Deep Snow | December 1998 (Volume: 49, Issue: 8)

Connections with childhood, with a way of looking at life, and with a generation that remade our world

Who Was Wyatt Earp? | December 1998 (Volume: 49, Issue: 8)

From law officer to murderer to Hollywood consultant: the strange career of a man who became myth

The head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee explains why it has always frustrated Presidents—and why it doesn’t have to

America The Apologetic | December 1998 (Volume: 49, Issue: 8)

Should our leaders say they’re sorry about slavery? About Indians? About their personal behavior? Such questions are hardly new; public contrition has been a national preoccupation for centuries.

Fly Me To The Moon | December 1998 (Volume: 49, Issue: 8)

Reflections on the Rat Pack
Everybody knows what they did. This is what they meant.

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