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Stories Published in this Year

Other Minor Miracles | December 1996 (Volume: 47, Issue: 8)

AMERICANS have been scaling down their cities for a century and a half

A SERIES of remarkable dioramas show a hard-working, well-worn city at street level

The Rise Of American Wine | December 1996 (Volume: 47, Issue: 8)

AFTER TRYING TO PRODUCE DRINKABLE WINE for three hundred years, we finally got the hang of it—so effectively that in the last quarter-century our results have raised the quality of winemaking all over the world

I’m Sorry, Mr. President | December 1996 (Volume: 47, Issue: 8)

A VETERAN JOURNALIST reflects on how public discourse has been tarnished by the press’s relentless war against Presidents—including his own biggest offense


Small World | December 1996 (Volume: 47, Issue: 8)

ROBERT MOSES built small with the same imperial vigor as he built big, and at his behest the art of making scale-model cities reached its peak. The result still survives, and although few New Yorkers know about it, they can see their whole town—right down to their own houses or apartment buildings—perfectly reproduced.

Old Years’ New Years | December 1996 (Volume: 47, Issue: 8)

Five centuries of American hangovers—and the single greatest faux pas in New York City history

At the age of eleven Roger Tory Peterson had an experience that produced a major hobby and a new industry

Christmas At The Palace | December 1996 (Volume: 47, Issue: 8)

In New Bern, North Carolina, enjoy the holidays in 1770—and 1830, and 1940

Time Machine | December 1996 (Volume: 47, Issue: 8)

Purple Haze

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