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Stories Published in this Year

The old Regular Army, part fairy tale and part dirty joke, was generally either ignored or disdained. But its people went about their work with a dogged humdrum gallantry—and when the storm broke, they helped save the world.

Our Checkered Past | December 1992 (Volume: 43, Issue: 8)

A fond ride through the bright high noon and on into the sad twilight of the American taxicab

Cigarette Century | December 1992 (Volume: 43, Issue: 8)

In the past seventy years, while several major diseases have been eradicated, one has risen from obscurity to take its place among the nation’s leading killers.

The Radical Revolution | December 1992 (Volume: 43, Issue: 8)

For years people have argued that France had the real revolution and that ours was mild by comparison. But now a powerful new book says the American Revolution was the most sweeping in all history. It alone established a pure commercial culture—a culture that makes America the universal society we are today.

The Home Front | December 1992 (Volume: 43, Issue: 8)

It was bitter civil war, and a remarkable book offers us perhaps the most intimate picture we have of what it was like for the ordinary people who got caught in its terrible machinery

Private Flohr’s America | December 1992 (Volume: 43, Issue: 8)

From Newport to Yorktown and the battle that won the war: A German foot soldier who fought for American independence tells all about it in a newly discovered memoir

1942 Fifty Years Ago | December 1992 (Volume: 43, Issue: 8)

Faces of the Enemy

Raise the Baton

Patrons of Husbandry

Good-bye, Whiskey, Good-bye, Gin

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