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Stories Published in this Year

To bring their nation to the leading edge of technology, Soviet leaders are turning to the United States. Their grandfathers did the same thing.

Trainmaster | December 1988 (Volume: 39, Issue: 8)

When he’s not taking care of a majestic marshaling of toy trains, Graham Claytor gets to play with the real thing

Out of an agonizing American experience, the frail Scots author mined a treasure and carried it away with him

Making The Man | December 1988 (Volume: 39, Issue: 8)

An expert on fashion history looks at portraits of some eminent Americans to see what they say about the native style

We Were What We Wore | December 1988 (Volume: 39, Issue: 8)

Fashion once expressed America’s class distinctions. But it doesn’t any more.

Nuts And Bolts Of The Past | December 1988 (Volume: 39, Issue: 8)

A History of American Technology, 1776-1860

A Texas Legacy | December 1988 (Volume: 39, Issue: 8)

The meeting of a Boston woman and the Lone Star State is recorded in a set of watercolors

III. They’re Still There | November 1988 (Volume: 39, Issue: 7)

The great buildings of the 1920s are standing all over Manhattan, preserving in masonry the swank and swagger of an exuberant era.

II. On The Town | November 1988 (Volume: 39, Issue: 7)

Where do you stay? What will it cost? How do you get a drink?
Where to eat? What will that cost ? What’s playing? Is it a talkie? How many people live here, anyway? What kind of place is this? All the answers are here.

America’s Junction | November 1988 (Volume: 39, Issue: 7)

All through the 1920s eager young emigrants left the towns and farms of America and headed for New York City. One of them recalls the magnetism of the life that pulled him there.

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