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Stories Published in this Year

“My God! What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be dead!” the Admiral told Lanikai's skipper when she finally sailed into port

Fox Hunting In America | October 1973 (Volume: 24, Issue: 6)

Riding to hounds has been as much of a sport among well-to-do Americans as among the British gentry

Fort Griswold | October 1973 (Volume: 24, Issue: 6)

Fifth in a series of painting for

Paladin Of Purity | October 1973 (Volume: 24, Issue: 6)

Anthony Comstock spent a lifetime on a crusade to clean the nation’ Augean stables of smut, vice, and nudity. Sometimes it seems as if he pried in vain

Children Of Darkness | October 1973 (Volume: 24, Issue: 6)

Sure that he was divinely appointed, Nat Turner led fellow slaves in a bloody attempt to overthrow their masters

Boston: Looking Backward | October 1973 (Volume: 24, Issue: 6)

An album of pictures from the days when the Kennedys were parvenus and workingmen demonstrated in derbies

The Vice President Flees | October 1973 (Volume: 24, Issue: 6)

Branded a traitor by the government he once served, John C. Breckinridge ran a perilous race for freedom rather than risk capture by the North

Trenton | August 1973 (Volume: 24, Issue: 5)

Fourth in a series of paintings for AMERICAN HERITAGE

Courageous and resourceful, the Marquis was bred for better things than defeat at the hands of rebellious provincials.

Pried loose from a furious Great Britain to meet a tragic death in the New World, this huge elephant made a fortune for his owner, delighted millions, and added a new superlative to our language

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