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Stories Published in this Year

America as a Gun Culture | October 1970 (Volume: 21, Issue: 6)

It's the only industrial nation in which the possession of rifles, shotguns, and handguns is lawfully prevalent among large numbers of its population.

A Peacetime Hero Confronts Armageddon

First of the Three Parts from STILWELL THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE IN CHINA 1911-1945

They All Loved Lucy | October 1970 (Volume: 21, Issue: 6)

Among the blades beneath her sway Were Holmes and Lincoln, Booth and Hay

The Great Chicago Piano War | October 1970 (Volume: 21, Issue: 6)

The battle between eastern and midwestern manufacturers hit fortissimo when the world’s most famous wizard of the keyboard turned up for the opening concert of the Columbian Exposition

The Luckless Sea Otter | October 1970 (Volume: 21, Issue: 6)

Innocently competing with commercial fishermen along the California coast, a furry, funny marine mammal only recently saved from extinction is in hot water again

Our Last Great Wilderness | August 1970 (Volume: 21, Issue: 5)

America’s greed for oil has drastically upset the ecological balance of Alaska’s North Slope, and the end is not in sight

F.D.R: The Last Journey | August 1970 (Volume: 21, Issue: 5)

Roosevelt, like Lincoln and Wilson, died fighting for his ideals.

How To Run An Empire | August 1970 (Volume: 21, Issue: 5)

From John Bull to Uncle Sam:

The “memory paintings” of a lady now ninety-four celebrate the life of rural Texas as it was when she grew up there

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