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Stories Published in this Year

Horace Greeley founded the “Trib”— and the union that eventually helped kill it. But in 125 years it knew many a shining hour.

The Other Side Camp

Casey At The Bat | October 1967 (Volume: 18, Issue: 6)

The classic American baseball poem might have vanished if not for an actor's impromptu performance.

Casey At The Bat* | October 1967 (Volume: 18, Issue: 6)

A Ballad of the Republic, Sung in the Year 1888

The artist knew that the Native Americans could not maintain their culture in the face of the white man's expansion across the continent.

Death On The Range | October 1967 (Volume: 18, Issue: 6)

Harry Jackson's painting gives the canvas a voice.

Canyonlands | October 1967 (Volume: 18, Issue: 6)

In the red-rock country of southeastern Utah is a new national park, a quarter-million acres of silence, brilliant color, and vistas unmatched anywhere on Earth.

“Whom can we trust now?” cried out General Washington when he discovered his friend’s “villainous perfidy.”

In words and pictures, George Catlin recorded the secret ceremony, a blend of mysticism and horrific cruelty, by which the Mandans initiated their braves and conjured the life-sustaining buffalo.

Oak Bluffs | October 1967 (Volume: 18, Issue: 6)

Newport it was not; but to judge by its summertime throngs, its religious fervor, and the exuberance of its architecture, there was nothing to match the likes of the “Cottage City of America.”

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