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Stories Published in this Year

Green Leaves Of Summer | October 1965 (Volume: 16, Issue: 6)

The petticoats were heavy, the collars stiff and high, but middle-class American families of the 1880’s enjoyed themselves keenly at their summer homes—and no one even broke into a sweat. A group of remarkable photos preserves the memory of those innocent days

Wyeths On Exhibit | October 1965 (Volume: 16, Issue: 6)

An American Heritage Portfolio

N. C. Wyeth | October 1965 (Volume: 16, Issue: 6)

The great illustrator found giants in clouds and inspiration in the classics of fiction and history. And, like old Charles Willson Peale, he founded and trained a dynasty of fine artists

AMERICAN HERITAGE takes part in announcing an astonishing discovery at Yale—the earliest map ever found that shows any part of America. Traced to a copyist in Basel about 1440 A.D., it shows, long before Columbus, the New World lands discovered by the Norsemen. Authenticated by painstaking scholarly detective work at Yale and the British Museum, it opens the door to tantalizing historical speculations

A Most Satisfactory Council | October 1965 (Volume: 16, Issue: 6)

That was what the white men called it, but the Indians could see how the wind was blowing. Would they abandon the hunting grounds of their forefathers without a fight?

—OR—Through the American Revolution with Pluck & Cheek

Sergt. Bates March | October 1965 (Volume: 16, Issue: 6)

Carrying the Stars & Stripes unfurled, from Vicksburg to Washington, and Gretna Green to London

Half a century ago the glitter of the prewar world was extinguished forever in a 400-mile-long quagmire of barbed wire and mud, dead men and dying hopes. Recently AMERICAN HERITAGE sent a perceptive journalist-historian to revisit the scenes of that longest of all battles. Here is the peaceful present at such places as Verdun and Belleau Wood: the lawns are neat and green, but scaring memories remain.

In 1885, when Samuel L. Clemens' delightful daughter Susy was thirteen and he forty-nine, she secretly began a biography of her father, "Papa"—Mark Twain—soon discovered it, to his immense pleasure

Dream World Of Advertising | August 1965 (Volume: 16, Issue: 5)

Soap was more than a cleansing agent, and an automobile gave you more than a ride. Here are the ideals of the 20’s in the slightly bent mirror of the

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