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Stories Published in this Year

Three Years with Grant | October 1955 (Volume: 6, Issue: 6)

The memoirs of Civil War correspondent SYLVANUS CADWALLADER were recently discovered and edited by Lincoln biographer Benjamin Thomas

Outside Vicksburg | October 1955 (Volume: 6, Issue: 6)

General Grant escapes the swamps and a War Department move to relieve him of command

Aided by certain residents of South Carolina, Colonel Moultrie built a fort, beat a British fleet, and started an enduring legend of valor

•“Three Years with Grant”•

Martyr For A Free Press | October 1955 (Volume: 6, Issue: 6)

Matthew Lyon did not like John Adams, and insisted on his right to say so. He spent months in jail but he could not be silenced.

Death On The Dark River | October 1955 (Volume: 6, Issue: 6)

Most terrible steamboat disaster in history, probably, was the loss of the Sultana in 1865. Some 1,700 returning Union veterans died—yet the tragedy got very few headlines.

A recently discovered sketchbook of Lewis Miller

A thoughtful discussion of the men who contributed the most to what is now the dominant political pattern

Quiet Earth, Big Sky | October 1955 (Volume: 6, Issue: 6)

How the Saskatchewan-Montana prairie country looked a generation ago, and what it meant to a youngster who lived there

Brought to the stage without her consent, this enduring American drama did not bring the author a cent—but it gave actors a living for generations

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