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Wayne Curtis

Wayne Curtis is a freelance journlist and a frequent contributor to The Atlantic, Preservation, and Down East. He frequently writes about travel, history, historic preservation, and architecture, and published And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails in 2006.

Articles by this Author

Seeking a monument to Prohibition’s immense impact on American society, the writer finds it in a French colony.
To Plan A Trip, April/May 2007 | Vol. 58, No. 2
Tiki, August/September 2006 | Vol. 57, No. 4
How sex, rum, World War II, and the brand-new state of Hawaii ignited a fad that has never quite ended.
China Town, April/May 2004 | Vol. 55, No. 2
What you find when you visit the place that set America’s table