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Thomas F. Mcgann

An associate professor at the University of Texas, Thomas F. McGann specializes in the history of Latin America. He is the author of Argentina, the United States and the Inter-American System, 1880–1914 , and many articles, including “Prescott’s Conquests” ( AMERICAN HERITAGE , October, 1957).
For further reading: The Journey and Route of Álvar Núñez, Cabeza de Vaca , by Cleve Hallenbeck (Arthur H. Clark Co., 1939); The Narrative of Álvar Núñez Cabeça de Vaca , edited by Frederick W. Hodge (Scribner’s, 1907); The Odyssey of Cabeza de Vaca , by Morris Bishop (Century, 1933).

Articles by this Author

Marooned on the coast of Texas, he wandered for eight years in a land no European had ever seen
The great historian who so eloquently described the taking of Mexico and Peru won a great private victory of his own in the quiet of his study on Beacon Hill.