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Stanley Karnow

Stanley Karnow was an American journalist and historian. He covered Asia from 1959 until 1974 for Time, Life, the Saturday Evening Post, the London Observer, the Washington Post, and NBC News. Mr. Karnow was present in Vietnam in July 1959 when the first Americans were killed,he reported on the Vietnam War in its entirety.He was chief correspondent for the 13-hour Vietnam: A Television History series, aired on PBS's American Experience;it won six Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award, a George Polk Award and an DuPont-Columbia Award. In 1990, Karnow won the Pulitzer Prize for History for his book In Our Image: America's Empire in the Philippines.

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A magazine reporter covered the first American deaths in Vietnam, unaware that the soon-to-explode war would mark America’s awakening to maturity