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Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart

Sir Basil (known as Capt. B.H. Littell Hart before he was knighted in 1966) was one of the 20th Century's foremost authorities on military tactics and strategy, and especially on mechanized warfare. After being highly decorated during World War I and surviving a gas attack, he retired from the British Army in 1927. Liddell Hart worked as the Military Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph from 1925–1935, and of The Times, 1935-1939. He then wrote a number of highly regarded military biographies, and books such as The Strategy of Indirect Approach (1941) and The Way to Win Wars (1942). The Rommel family chose him to edit the German tank commander's papers. For further reading: Captain Liddell Hart’s Sherman (Praeger, 1958), and Sherman, Fighting Prophet , by Lloyd Lewis (Harcourt, Brace, 1958).

Articles by this Author

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