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Robert L. Vargas

Robert L. Vargas is a free-lance writer living in El Paso, Texas, Roth the author and the editors of AMERICAN HERITAGE wish to thank C. Bradford Milchell, former Director of Information for the American Merchant Marine Institute, for his technical advice and editorial assistance in the preparation of the article.
For further rending: The Battle of the Atlantic, September 1939-May 1943 , by Samuel Eliot Morison (Little, Brown, 1947); Sea War: The Story of the U.S. Merchant Marine in World War II , by Felix Riesenberg, Jr. (Rinehart, 1956); “The Story of the Stephen Hopkins,” by John Bunker, in U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings , November, 1954.

Articles by this Author

Outgunned by the Nazi raider, the Stephen Hopkins could have struck her colors. Instead she elected to fight