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Richard Schickel

Richard Schickel is a film critic and documentary film maker and contributor who has written for Time and The Los Angeles Times Book Review, among other publications. In his time as a critic. Schickel has made over 30 documentaries, covering Charlie Chaplin, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, and World War II cameramen. For his other works, he has held a Guggenheim Fellowship and has been awarded the British Film Institute Book Prize, the Maurice Bessy prize, and the William K. Everson Award. 

Articles by this Author

My Milwaukee, April/May 2006 | Vol. 57, No. 2
The city of his birth sent Richard Schickel off on a lifelong career. Here’s what the film critic and historian discovered when that job brought him back home.
Movie Classic, October 2003 | Vol. 54, No. 5
Doug Fairbanks, December 1971 | Vol. 23, No. 1
Superstar of the Silents
Some Americans may have trouble listing the fifty united states. Some may be vague about who represents them in Congress. But it’s a sure bet that every one of us—over the age of three— can identify the nation’s most prominent rodent