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Milton Lomask

Mr. Lomask was the author of Beauty and the Traitor: The Story of Mrs. Benedict Arnold. Other books by Mr. Lomask include The Curé of Ars (1958), John Carroll, Bishop and Patriot (1956), St. Augustine and His Search for Faith (1957), and St. Isaac and the Indians (1956). General Phil Sheridan and the Union Cavalry (1959), is in Kennedy's American Background Books; he also coauthored St. Thomas and the Preaching Beggars (1957).

Articles by this Author

The traitor was not destitute, but his family's life was not comfortable after the Revolutionary War.
Carrying the Stars & Stripes unfurled, from Vicksburg to Washington, and Gretna Green to London
Was it, as Navy Secretary Welles believed, “a conspiracy to overthrow the government”?