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Lincoln Barnett

Lincoln Barnett (1909–1979) was an author and editor, most notably at Life Magazine for many years, and is best known for works explaining the world of science to laymen.

Barnett wrote a number of books, including "The Universe and Doctor Einstein", "The World We Live In", and "The Treasure of Our Tongue".

The Universe and Doctor Einstein is a layman's introduction to the theory of relativity. It includes a foreword by Einstein, and has been reprinted several times. His work popularizing science subjects included consulting work on the film Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Articles by this Author

The law was against the poor printer. The governor wanted his scalp. His attorneys were disbarred. Could anything save him—and free speech?
"My God, it talks!” said the Emperor of Brazil. So the new invention did—but not until Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant had solved some brain racking problems