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Lida Mayo

Lida Mayo is chief historian of the Ordnance Corps, Department of the Army, and a contributor to the official U.S. Army in World War II series. Aside from this work, her special field of interest is American social history. She is currently working on a biography of the nineteenth-century newspaperman George Alfred Townsend. Quotations from the Adams Papers are from the microfilm edition, by permission of the Massachusetts Historical Society.
For further reading: John Adams , by Page Smith (Doubleday, 1962, 2 vols.); Abigail Adams , by Janet Whitney (Little, Brown, 1947).

Articles by this Author

Eighteenth-century equivalents of “Yankee go home!” greeted the Adams family when, in 1785, they arrived in London. Nevertheless, there were certain delightful compensations—especially for an eligible young lady
Thackeray In Love, April 1962 | Vol. 13, No. 3
“You may marry anybody you please & I don’t care.” Thus the famous English author to wild, pretty Sally Baxter of New York; which is to say that he—and his American love—never got over it at all.