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J.M. Fenster

Julie M. Fenster is a noted American author. Her book Ether Day: The Strange Tale of America's Greatest Medical Discovery and the Haunted Men Who Made It won the Anesthesia Foundation Award for Best Book in 2004, and her 2006 book, Parish Priest, co-authored with Douglas Brinkley, was a New York Times bestseller.

Articles by this Author

An enormous scandal erupted when it was discovered that contestants on TV quiz shows were often given answers. Did the famed psychologist also cheat when she won The $64,000 Question?
“It is recommended,” proclaimed Lincoln, that the People “celebrate the anniversary of the Birthday of the Father of his Country."
The Surgeon General Makes His Case
Automobile, October 2002 | Vol. 53, No. 5
Bakelite Jewelry, May 2001 | Vol. 52, No. 3


On November 15, 1955, a woman in her twenties made national news by appearing on a quiz show in a New York studio to answer a question written especially for her: “What are the ring names of the four heavyweight boxing champions whose real names are Rocco Marchegiano, Arnold Raymond Cream, Joseph…
By rights, New York City should be in the midst of planning a new world’s fair. In fact, it’s long overdue. The city broadsided the Great Depression with the 1939 World’s Fair and saluted the nuclear age with a fresh edition that opened 53 years ago today, on April 22, 1964. Fifty-three years ago,…
(K. J. Historical/Corbis) New Year’s Day, in any culture with a calendar, is a fairly obvious holiday. And so perhaps it follows that it is the oldest holiday celebrated in the United States. Approximately 2,750 years ago the earliest Romans had, according to legend, a singularly hedonistic…