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Henry F. Graff

Professor of history at Columbia University, Dr. Graff is the author of several books and of the article “A Heartbeat Away,” a survey of the Vice Presidency in the August, 1964, issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE .

Articles by this Author

At least one President was a multi-millionaire. Another had gone hroke. Several had made fortunes in land speculations or memoir-writing, while one had lost everything in trade. Two were so well-off they refused the salary; another considered resigning because he couldn’t live on it. One thing all have discovered: The American people, who have elected some rich men and some poor men (though no beggars or thieves), are never indifferent to
A Heartbeat Away, August 1964 | Vol. 15, No. 5
The lure of the Vice Presidency does not seem diminished, even for those who initially set their sights higher.