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Harold A. Larrabee

Harold A. Larrabee is Ichabod Spencer Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, at Union College, Schenectady. One of his articles in AMERICAN HERITAGE, “ A Near Thing at Yorktown (October, 1961), is to be published soon in expanded book form as Decision at the Chesapeake (Clarkson N. Potter).
For further reading: Days of Delusion , by Clara Endicott Sears (Houghton Mifflin, 1924); Yankee Kingdom , by Ralph Nading Hill (Harper, 1960).

Articles by this Author

William Miller applied good Yankee arithmetic to biblical prophecies and convinced thousands that the hour of Christ’s Second Coming was upon them
“Admiral Graves lost no ships… he merely lost America”
To the question of acquiring new territories overseas, and owning colonies, one group of Americans answered with a resounding “No!”