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Fred Schultz

Fred Schultz serves as managing editor of Proceedings magazine, a U.S. Naval Institute publication. Schultz has worked for the U.S. Naval Institute since 1989 and previously served as editor-in-chief for Naval History magazine. 

Articles by this Author

America’s naval tradition is as old as America itself, and an amazing number of the ships that forged it are still afloat.
Hampton Roads, October 2001 | Vol. 52, No. 7
It is a place of noble harbors, a convergence of strong rivers and a promontory commanding a wind-raked bay; a shoreline enfolding towns older than the Republic and the most modern and formidable naval base on earth; a spot where a four-hour standoff between two very peculiar ships changed the course of warfare forever—and the breeding ground of crabs that people travel across the country to eat. Fred Schultz explains why the fifth annual American Heritage Great American Place Award goes to
Admiral, September 2001 | Vol. 52, No. 6