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Frank Kintrea

Frank Kintrea, a frequent contributor to AMERICAN HERITAGE, got his secondary schooling at Lawrenceville, another all-male, private school.

Articles by this Author

In founding Groton, Endicott Peabody was sure that muscular Christianity would protect boys from the perils of loaferism
An exclusive preserve of New York’s social elite —its rise, its flourishing years, and its slide into genteel decline
The notorious financier’s properties included railroads, yachts, and newspapers, but none was more precious to him than Lyndhurst, the family castle on the Hudson. It would have distressed him to know that it now belongs to you and me
In the last quarter of the nineteenth century you could ride in a handsome coach-and-four from a fashionable hotel on Fifth Avenue to Tuxedo Park or even to Philadelphia. The fare was just three dollars, and your driver might be a Roosevelt or a Vanderbilt.