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Eric Lindner

Eric Lindner is an attorney and businessman, and the author of Tiger in the Sea: The Ditching of Flying Tiger 923 and the Desperate Struggle for Survival, which tells the harrowing story of a flight piloted by his father-in-law, John Murray, that crashed in the North Atlantic.

His first book, Hospice Voices: Lessons for Living at the End of Life, was based on Lindner's work as a hospice volunteer, helping patients cope with the reality of dying. 

Mr. Lindner's career has mostly focused on parking and real estate in the U.S. and Europe as Chairman and CEO of Colonial Parking based in Washington, DC. He has also worked in criminology, clerked for a U.S. Attorney, and served as a George Washington University trustee for nine years.

Since 2015, Mr. Lindner has taught the Ethics in Action course at Georgetown University that examines the moral compass of leadership and dissects the NASA Challenger disaster.

He holds a BBA from George Washington and a JD and MBA from The University of Chicago.

Articles by this Author

After three of his plane's engines flamed out, Capt. John Murray was forced to land at night during a ferocious storm in the middle of the ocean.