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Daniel P. Moynihan

Mr. Moynihan, pathologist of megalopolis, was Assistant Secretary of Labor from 1963 to 1965. Since 1966 he has been director of the Joint Center for Urban Studies of M.I.T. and Harvard, and professor of education and urban politics at Harvard. He is co-author (with Nathan Glazer) of Beyond the Melting Pot . In a somewhat different version, “The Soulless City” was delivered as a lecture at a meeting of the Massachusetts Historical Society last spring.
Francis Thompson, whose pictures accompany this article, specializes in photographs of New York taken through lenses of his own creation. He is also a film maker, whose documentary To Be Alive won acclaim when it was shown at the Johnson’s Wax pavilion at the recent New York World’s Fair.

Articles by this Author

It is scarred by ugliness and racked by violence. It is inundated by newcomers and strangling in its own technology. How did it get this way? Can anything save it?