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Daniel Aaron

Daniel Aaron is a Victor S. Thomas Professor of English and American Literature, Emeritus of English at Harvard University and a founder of the Library of America.He received his B.A. in 1933 from the University of Michigan, and his Ph.D. in 1943 from Harvard University.Selected works include: The Americanist (2007); American Notes: Selected Essays (1994); Cincinnati, Queen City of the West: 1819-1838 (1992); Writers on the Left (1992); Episodes in American Literary Communism (1974); The Unwritten War; American Writers and the Civil War (1973);America in Crisis; and Fourteen Crucial Episodes in American History (1971).

Articles by this Author

U. S. A., July/August 1996 | Vol. 47, No. 4
People have been waiting for the great American novel ever since Civil War days. But John Dos Passos may have written it sixty years ago.
“Good writers,” says the author, “write the kind of history good historians can’t or don’t write”
George Templeton Strong was not a public man, and he is not widely known today. But for forty years he kept the best diary—in both historic and literary terms—ever written by an American.