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Catherine Clinton

Catherine Clinton is a Professor of History at Queen's University Belfast. She specializes in American History, with an emphasis on the history of the South. She studied sociology and African-American History at Harvard University graduating in 1973.Clinton received her Ph.D from Princeton University, after completing her dissertation on under the direction of James M. McPherson.She has held academic positions at numerous institutions of higher learning, including Union College, Harvard University - Du Bois Institute, Afro-American Studies Dept., History Dept., Warren Center Affiliate, Brandeis University, and Brown University, Wofford, The University of Richmond and more.Ms. Clinton is the author of Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom (2004), Fanny Kemble's Civil Wars ,(2006) Mrs. Lincoln: A Life (2009) and Mary Chesnut's Diary (2011)

Articles by this Author

She has become one of the most famous of all American women, but to the biographer she is a tantalizingly elusive quarry
Architect, October 2003 | Vol. 54, No. 5