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Bruce Bliven

As an editor of The New Republic in the Twenties, Bruce Bliven covered the workings of the Ohio Gang. He now lives in Stanford, California. His new book, The World Changers , consisting of biographical sketches of the eight most important men of the 1930’s and 40’s, will be published this October by the John Day Company. (The teapot cartoon on page 100 was drawn by Alley for the Memphis Commercial Appeal.
For further reading: Teapot Dome , by M. R. Werner and John Starr (Viking, 1959); Teapot Dome: Oil and Politics in the 1920’s , by Burl Noggle (Louisiana State University, 1962).

Articles by this Author

When the wheeling and dealing of some of President Harding’s closest friends was revealed, the mud spattered Cabinet members, the heads of oil companies, the chairman of the Republican party, and eventually the President himself
Bronson Alcott and his transcendental friends hardly ever stopped talking. It left almost no time for mundane things like food and shelter
A corrupt lawyer and his complaisant ally ran San Francisco as their private preserve until a crusading editor toppled their plots and schemes, and sent one of them to jail