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Andrew C. Nahne

Both Dr. Castel and Dr. Nahm are members of the history department of Western Michigan University at Kalamazoo. This is Dr. Castel’s third appearance in AMERICAN HERITAGE ; a Kansan, he was formerly a Civil War specialist but has recently widened his field of study. Dr. Nahm was born in Pyongyang, Korea (where, incidentally, the General Sherman was destroyed), and has written many articles and monographs on the history of his native country.
Major sources for this article include Corea, The Hermit Nation , by William Elliott Griffis (Scribner, 1904); Homer B. Hulbert’s History of Korea, Volume II, revised by Clarence Norwood Weems (Hillary, 1962); and Americans in Eastern Asia , by Tyler Dennett (Barnes & Noble, 1963). Captain Tilton’s letters to his wife are to be found in “Marine Amphibious Landing in Korea, 1871,” a pamphlet compiled by the Marine Corps’s Historical Branch and published in 1966 by the Naval Historical Foundation in Washington.

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Our first Korean war, in 1871, was fought to open the Hermit Kingdom to Western trade. But the hermits wanted very much to be left alone