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Alan F. Westin

Alan F. Westin is an associate professor of public law and government at Columbia University. He is at present working on a biography of Justice John Marshall Harlan—who, incidentally., was the grandfather of a present Supreme Court Justice who bears the same name.
For further reading: The Constitutional Doctrines of Justice Harlan , by Floyd Barzillia Clark (Johns Hopkins, 1915); The Supreme Court in United States History , Vol. II: 1836-1918, by Charles Warren (Little, Brown, 1960); The Strange Career of Jim Crow , by C. Vann Woodward (Oxford University Press, 1958).

Articles by this Author

Ride-in!, August 1962 | Vol. 13, No. 5
Ride-ins and sit-ins are not new tactics of the Negro. They were first tried back in the 1870’s, and with great success. But that time High Court decisions were very different