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Travel Hints For Early Motorists

July 2024
1min read

Use chewing gum to mend a leaky gas line.

Carry a can of ether for winter starting.

Test for an overheated engine: Spit on it. If there is a sizzle, all is well. If steam rises, check your radiator.

Strain all gas through a chamois skin to remove water and dirt.

If the spark lever slips while you are cranking, tie it in position with a piece of string.

A box of oatmeal flakes is handy when the radiator springs a leak. Pour flakes into the water. As they swell they fill the hole. Dried horse manure is also good and, of course, always available.

To rejuvenate a worn tire, pump in a cupful of chopped-up feathers and hot molasses. Spin tire to distribute the mixture evenly and seal pores and holes. Watch out, though, if there is a blowout.

A gun is no longer needed when you visit the western states.

To clean the Celluloid windows in your side curtains, use vinegar.

To keep windshield clear on rainy days, rub sliced onion over it.

G. C.

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