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The Gilded Age And Industrialization

The Gilded Age And Industrialization





From the Archives

America's Frontier Forever Changed

The West the railroads made

A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama!

The Big Ditch had so far been a colossal flop, and Teddy Roosevelt desperately needed an engineering genius who could take over the job and "make the dirt fly." The answer was not the famous Goethals, but a man whom history has forgotten.

The Golden Touch

Banker J. P. Morgan rescued the dollar and bailed out the nation

The Deal of the Century

The unexpected consequences of J. P. Morgan's deal to create U.S. Steel, which controlled 60% of the US market, have vibrated through every decade

TR's Wild Side

As a Rough Rider in the Spanish-American War, Theodore Roosevelt's attention to nature and love of animals were much in evidence, characteristics that would later help form his strong conservationist platform as president

The Gilded Age

For years it was seen as the worst of times: bloated, crass, witlessly extravagant. But now scholars are beginning to find some of the era's unexpected virtues


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