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Song Of The Hoops

May 2024
1min read

Sailing down the crowded street, Scraping every one they meet, With a rushing whirlwind sound, Muffled belles around abound. Hoop! hoop! hoop! What a vast, expansive swoop!

Hoops of whalebone, short and crisp, Hoops of wire, thin as a wisp; Hoops of brass, thirteen yards long, Hoops of steel, confirm’d and strong; Hoops of rubber, soft and slick, Hoops of roping, bungling thick; Hoops of lampwick, cord, and leather,

Hoops that languish in wet weather; Hoops that spread out silken skirts, Hanging off from silly flirts. Sweeping off the public lands, Turning over apple-stands; Felling children to the ground, As they flaunt and whirl around. Hoop! hoop! hoop! What a vast, expansive swoop!

Jolly hoops, that wriggle round, Sober hoops, that sway profound; Springy hoops, that shake and wag, Broken hoops, that droop and drag; Monster hoops, all overgrown, Junior hoops, of smaller bone; Hoops that ravish lover’s eyes, Hoops that rend their breasts with size; Hoops that shock their feeble legs, Like a crowd of giant kegs.

What gallant ships! what swelling sails! How they resist opposing gales! With what a full, relentless waft, They overwhelm each smaller craft! Hoop! hoop! hoop! What a vast, expansive swoop!

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