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A Royal Correction

May 2024
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Richard Eberhart replies: I am glad to hear from Princess Kridakara and to be reminded of those wonderful days over half a century ago, and of Amoradat, whom I always admired and respected, as I did all of the Siamese people I met during my almost-year as tutor to Chirasakdi and Bongsamara.

I regret any mistakes of fact in this article and am glad to apologize for them. In talking of things half a century and more ago, one has to go on memory. If I made a mistake about Amoradat’s going to Japan, I am sorry. It must have been a general notion in the air at the time. I did not make it up or imagine it; I thought it was fact as were the other facts remembered. I am glad to have this explanation of that part of history, and again regret a mistake and wish everyone well. I remember Amoradat and the whole staff with the greatest admiration and affection and thank fate again now for giving me one of the best experiences of my early life in my post with these splendid people.

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