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Presidential Expenses

July 2024
1min read

Dortha Rice Wiggins of Ohio has this to say about Allan Damon’s survey of Presidential expenses in the June issue: Mr. Damon’s plea for limiting Presidential expenses is in poor taste. …

In every other Nation the elected leader has a Residence, the best they can afford, and they are NOT required to tolerate hordes of people roaming the halls every day. Even on the island of St. Helena, the Governor’s Residence is large, well maintained, and private.

Political leaders of other Nations have the facilities to entertain properly. Would Mr. Damon have us act as though we were still an undeveloped Nation? …

Our President’s family needs to be treated with every consideration for their comfort and safety. Sure Margaret Truman travelled by train—there were trains then—besides that was before wholesale assassinations, college riots, Hippies, Hijacking, Kidnapping, Power-mad attorneys for hire by criminals, and spineless judges. …

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