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A Plea For Restraint

July 2024
1min read

Sir: … At various times in the past twenty-five years I have joined and supported organizations devoted to “conservation.” I have found, to my sorrow, that most of the people (and organizations) have exceedingly narrow interests and little interest or understanding of conservation. Therefore, although we must pursue conservation and preservation with increased vigor, it is imperative that we also devote considerable effort toward teaching our people what conservation is …

Above all, we have to inspire great numbers of people to “put their money where their mouth is.” … It has been my observation that hunters are the only single group who have been willing to spend considerable sums of money in support of conservation per se. All others lobby for the “government” to spend its money for their pet projects. Too many individuals and organizations spend far too much effort fighting other conservation and preservation activities and far too little … on actual projects of lasting value. …

I am not a hunter, fisherman, camper, or bird-watcher and have no personal interest in a “wilderness” area or the like.

I am concerned that there is a threat to the ecological balance which allows man to live. Once that balance is destroyed, we will not have an opportunity to recover. Until the exact point of danger is determined, it will be exceedingly wise to exercise restraint …

Jesse D. Thompson Clarksville, Arkansas

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