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Pioneer Life

May 2024
1min read

The series of nine filmstrips on The American Pioneer , produced by Eye Gate House, Inc. (2716-41st Avenue, Long Island City 1, N. Y.) is a masterful account. Drawing on the wealth of materials displayed at the Farmers’ Museum and its Village Crossroads and the collections of the Fenimore House Museum of the New York State Historical Association at Cooperstown, the survey brings to life rural society during the first half of the Nineteenth Century. While the setting is upstate New York in those decades, many of the features depicted would be appropriate to a larger area of the Northeast and even the Middle West. Few materials furnish such authentic and complete impressions of the pioneering experience as do these nine titles: “Conquering the Wilderness,” “Pioneer Home Life,” “Travel in Pioneer Days,” “Household Handicrafts,” “Pioneer Artisans,” “Children at Home and at School,” “Pioneer Professions,” “A Pioneer Village,” and “Pioneer Folk Art.”

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