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The Party Of Lincoln

June 2023
1min read

I have long admired the politics and achievements of Jack Kemp, and Fredric Smoler’s insightful interview with him in the October issue (“We Had a Great History, and We Turned Aside”) illustrates the political philosophy that should be the platform of the Republican party. “Entrepreneurial capitalism” and “upward mobility” are the concepts that have attracted millions of immigrants to the American dream and that have built a great country. The idea of allowing the common people to advance themselves freely is the basis of the American system that too few in politics today seem to understand.

The Republican party has been splintering and losing focus in recent years, with Christian Fundamentalism, homophobia, xenophobia, and racism creeping in where they do not belong. We must reassess our platform and unite as Lincoln’s party once again if we want the White House back in 1996. Jack Kemp is the man to take us there.

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