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Our Public Schools Then And Now

July 2024
1min read

I read Gerald Bracey’s article with interest. However, I must ask the question, “So what?” While I agree in theory with the conclusion of the piece, in the real world the information is of little value. How long are we in education going to keep resurrecting the dead horse of cognitive assessment and its debatable value in the classroom?

For years we have spent countless hours and resources in assessing the cognitive abilities of students. How have we benefited from this constant analysis?

Businesses and corporations are constantly telling educational institutions that they want employees who are dependable, have a good work ethic, and can relate to others. Yet it seems that research and education assess all other educational areas but these. Maybe it’s time we allocate comparable resources to the behavioral side of the argument also and emphasize values such as dependability and hard work in the curriculum.

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