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Now Tell Us About Your Great American Place

June 2023
1min read

As the editors were preparing the Great American Place Award, we began talking to one another about many places our readers must know—that we had, in effect, a third of a million scouts out there who could tell us plenty.

So we’d like to ask you to tell us—and your fellow readers—about some place that is especially charged with historical meaning for you. Your spot needn’t necessarily offer the extremely rich distillation of the past that is concentrated in Saratoga; it can be a small historical society, or an underappreciated battlefield, a museum great or small, a local oddity like a bottle house or The World’s Largest (you supply the rest), a saloon, a city, a farming village, a restoration. … We would like you to join us in our continuing search for all the places that make America American.

Choose a place whose history means something to you, tell us why in a paragraph or so, and let us know about it, either through the mail (American Heritage, Forbes Building, 60 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011) or by e-mail ( We’ll run the results in our annual April historic travel issue.

We hope you enjoy our work.

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