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A New Amusement

July 2024
1min read

Any one who visits the summer out-of-town resorts can see at once that society has a most popular new amusement in operating automobiles. The machines dart hither and thither at all hours of the day, and are used for social calls, to meet friends at the railway station, for trips to the golf links, and for a variety of functions which go to fill up the long day. In all of this, it is noticeable that they are largely handled by the owners, particularly if they are electric automobiles, and that women are the drivers in a great many cases. Last season, in America, this state of affairs did not exist, and it may be wondered just how many seasons it will be before in the ordinary use of buggies, runabouts, etc., the every-day, ordinary coachman is allowed to do his own work. The man or woman in society who a few seasons ago thought bicycling was the correct thing, and then turned to the curious form of pedestrianism known as golf, now thinks that the only fit and proper diversion is automobilism. It cannot last as a craze or fad, but by the time the fever has worn out, those who manufacture horseless vehicles ought also to have had a good time.

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