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Mount Monadnock Revisited

July 2024
1min read

Sir: Nine years ago, in the December, 1960, issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE , at the close of a spread on stereopticon slides, you printed a picture of Mount Monadnock. Since that time we have had a desire to see if we could find the exact spot that the picture was taken from. Last week we had an opportunity and spent some four hours cruising the roads west of the mountain with the pictures in hand, checking and comparing views.

As you can see from the accompanying photographs, we were successful. The area has grown up so much that it is no longer possible to see the mountain clearly, but a number of the rocks in the stone wall can be identified, particularly two in the lower left-hand corner of the AMERICAN HERITAGE picture. Our photograph was taken from a spot probably no more than six feet from where Mr. French set up his tripod. The spot is in the township of Marlboro, New Hampshire, on the Old Dublin Road, about 150 yards northeast of its junction with the Old Monadnock Road. By walking about one hundred yards to the left down the road we found a clearing from which we could see Monadnock clearly. All four of the trees visible in the picture can be found in the woods, now hoary old sugar maples. …

All this classifies as useless information, but we were interested, and we thought that you might be too. At one point during our search we were stopped by two men who thought that we looked like burglars preparing to rob some of the summer houses in the area.

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