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The Materials Of History

May 2024
1min read

Two recent motion pictures breathe life into the usually static materials of history. History in Your Community , a classroom teaching film from Coronet (Coronet Building, Chicago 1), examines the evidences of the past that exist in every community. The film demonstrates methods by which intermediate and junior high students can explore changes and developments in their own area. Well designed, with ample illustration, the film should be useful for stimulating student interest in local history. The Presence of The Past is a notable achievement by a forward looking historical society, the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (816 State Street, Madison). The activities and pursuits of this organization unfold in an almost endless variety, and its work and responsibilities are effectively stated. No viewer can help but be impressed by the contributions the society is making in preserving our heritage. Wisconsin’s film should prove a stimulus in all like-minded groups.

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