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Key to Cover Illustration

Key To Cover Illustration

June 2024
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About the Painting: Washington and “Friends”


            1.         Martin Luther King Jr.

            2.         Albert Einstein

            3.         Mark Twain

            4.         Franklin Delano Roosevelt

            5.         Susan B. Anthony

            6.         Abraham Lincoln

            7.         Thomas Jefferson

            8.         Chief Pontiac

            9.         Robert E. Lee

            10.       Harriet Tubman


At first glimpse of this magazine’s cover, you probably didn’t notice that we manipulated the epic painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware to include a boatful of famous Americans. You were not alone. Our eyes see Washington, the boat, and the flag—and simply assume that it’s a reproduction of the iconic painting by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze.    

For the celebration of our 60th anniversary, we wanted to shake things up a bit—and suggest that we should all take a closer look at our history. We might be surprised at what we find.

For weeks our Rockville, Maryland, offices buzzed as the editorial staff debated about whom we should include on the boat. We suspect—and sincerely hope—that you have your own strong opinions. Let us know what you think of our choice. We do know that you’ll agree that these men and women all deserve credit for grabbing an oar and moving the ship of state forward.

            ~The Editors


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